Requesting Connected Accounts

Using the connected accounts scope

This guide will walk you through how to request email addresses from your user using the Connected Accounts Scope.

Step 1

In your application OAuth configuration make sure that the "connected accounts" scope is selected in the "allowed scopes" dropdown. Make sure to save this configuration before moving to step 2.

Step 2

When logging in users make sure you add connected_accounts to the scope query param. Your auth url should look something like this https://< or your custom domain>/authorize?client_id=xxx&state=xxx&scope=connected_accounts

Step 3

After authenticating into your custom Rollup application, your users will we be presented with an authorization screen containing the connected accounts scope authorization request.

By default "All Connected Accounts" will be selected. Users will have the option to filter down connected accounts.

Step 4

When redirected back to your application, the access token will now contain an authorization for connected accounts. The connected accounts will also be available returned in the user token via the user info endpoint.

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