Introduction to Rollup

Simple Auth & Identity for Developers
Rollup is an open source auth and identity platform designed around OAuth standards and inspired by W3C decentralized identity -- a "BYOI" (bring your own identity) protocol. With Rollup, you can focus less on integrations and more on growth with tools that streamline user onboarding and acquisition.
What sets Rollup apart from other auth solutions is Rollup's ability to turn users into federated identities with bundles services. Access to these services are managed through user consent using Rollup's progressive authorization framework -- a privacy-first model where apps request access to a users identity graph directly from their users. This exchange for authorizations not only allows you to build trustworthy relationships with your users but also minimizes your compliance overhead.
Rollup is also easy. It has a minimal code requirements and is compatible with any off the shelf OAuth library.

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